WK Impex Website

WKIMPEX is a consumer products company that focuses on providing consumables such as tomato paste, rice among other produce. The client wanted a way in which he could reach out to more customers and the vice versa. For this reason, he needed a website, yet there was the caveat of not something overly complicated, as he did not want a website that he had to constantly update and change things. An HTML based website that had a degree of functionality. Thus, I used PHP and HTML to build a responsive website that could take in orders from the website. The website has a file-based form of database that display the products.

The UI framework used is Semanti-Ui.

I utilized the following technologies:

Semantic-UI: this a beautiful frontend UI framework. Though similar to bootstrap, it has a simple API that enables rapid development of a beautiful website. In addition, as I was on timeline I had to quickly resort to this framework.

WordPress: this is because the site client needed to be able to update the website on the go, and WordPress offer a classic administration panel. More importantly is the ease to which the client can update the website.

SASS: using syntactically Awesome Stylesheets was a core aspect since it enables elegant maintaining of the site’s design. In addition, this is what SASS provided rather than legacy CSS.

Kind Words

Here are some reviews from my clients!

We needed a website for our organisation, and we contacted Ralphkay, for one and in fact we were impressed with the responsiveness of how he came up with the site in the shortest possible time. More so his payment plans were really flexible.

Nick Owusu NPI

My Old website needed a website, and I contacted Ralphkay for a new website which he was able to construct with in a beautiful way such that my website though not a CMS can still take orders. My customer base boosted ever since.

WK Impex